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Bye Donovan?

Following the fallout from the 09 season there was a lot to talk about and a little action going on around the beltway. Jim Zorn returned to his place as a 70s NFL trivia question again; Super Bowl winning coach Mike Shanahan touched down in D.C., an Allen (Bruce) returned to Redskin Park, and hold onto your hat an Eagle in the form of Pro Bowler Donovan McNabb landed. Still I reserved comment preferring to wait and watch Washington's extreme makeover pay dividends. With the retro burgundy and gold colors visible again I had hopes of some incarnation of Redskins glory past, Over the Hill, Smurfs, Hogs or some reasonable facsimile. Beating Dallas early on is always a good sign and I though the team had a perceivable spark.

Now November, Dallas is in the cellar and my hopes are around .500 with the Redskins. Different year but it is the same sad story reissued. What we have seen over the past couple of months is an offense with talent but lacking the kind of timing and continuity that lights up the score board. But hey, a new quarterback, new offense warrants time and patience. Anyone worth his Sunday salt knows Donovan McNabb is still one of the best quarterbacks in the league, he's just not looking his best. I expected him to demonstrate a greater level of comfort last weekend based on a growing familiarity with his backs and receivers and a better command of the playbook, but he looks hurried and indecisive in retro Redskins garb. Given the fact that #5 is a proven commodity in the position Washington has failed to secure for several seasons it would behoove the coaching staff to make the right call and keep McNabb behind the center. If this means bringing in the varsity high school playbook with the best four offensive plays and an audible thrown in, make it so for the sake of the season.

Of course the aforementioned would be a logical move but wait...Washington just brought in ex Raider Jamarcus Russell? Dan Snyder has been awfully quiet this season--hmm? Russell, a young former number one pick seemingly with all the tools has been troubled and has had difficulty in running an NFL styled offense. And if Mike Shanahan is concerned with McNabb's conditioning he may want to scan Russell's workout log after two months of inactivity. Defensively Washington teeters back and forth between expert and novice. Thank goodness London Fletcher doesn't realize he's over 30. With all the new faces and changes made the Redskins are still losing the close games at home and making excuses afterward.

Sitting home on a bye week and facing a crucial month of football ahead the teams interim report card reads; plays poorly together, does not finish assigned tasks (winning) in an orderly fashion. Donovan McNabb may not be making the cut eight games in and DeAngelo Hall might be the last line of defense but a false move by the organization could send the Redskins to the bench in January.

Jdon Howard


  1. I think this team is OK still and headed in the right direction, yes lets keep McNabb starting and give other players time to work together. There was a fair amount of change including a new coaching staff to learn what they want, it does take time. The great teams in the NFL have consistency in coaching staffs and roster going for them, we don't yet.

  2. Lets be real 4 a minute, we have a future hall of fame quarterback, who is not allowed to call audible when he can see a blitz coming a mile away. Then you have a coach who has come in demanding all of this respect by humilating star players. The play calling sucks thus far, McNabb was being hit every play, but yet you keep him under center. We have one of the worst defenses in the league, & the answer is J Russell be 4real. Its coaching, time 4 the redskins 2 go & get a coach who is young wise & up 2 date with todays football. These old over the hill coaches were onces elite not anymore. Mr Snyder please wake up & see these 20yrs removed from the game coaches is not the answer.

  3. I think the Shanahan are more than likely the problem with the Redskins than McNabb, Most coaches that are replaced are get fired are fired for a reason. Mike Shanahan days are over, he's no Joe Gibbs. The father and son team are not the dynamic dual, they are more like Laurel and Hardy. McNabb may not be the answer but he is not the problem.

  4. Mcnabb needs to be covered and a offense who can come together as a team you got good players and i mean players but to win you need a good team not a player