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MundyNiteFootball-The Rise of the Redskins the Fall of the Haters.

And the Redskins beat the Giants by a fieldgoal in the last game of the year to make the wild card. The Redskins have made the playoffs, the NFL should be fearing the burgundy and gold right now.....

That is how I see the redskins year, more of a vision than a dream. Lets go over the teams we probably can beat and the teams we may not beat.

May not beat- the Packers, the Texans, the Colts. The Vikings are on this list if and probably when Brett Farve comes back. The Titans are a possibility too if Vince Young becomes the star everyone thinks he will become.

We will split the division:

We can beat- the Lions, the Bears, the Buccaneers, the Jaguars and the Rams.

That leaves us at an 8 and 8 season. I think we have a good enough team to not lose to the bad teams like last year and to be able to upset one of those good teams. My prediction for the NFC East is the Cowgirls (God I hate the Cowgirls) win the division, with the Giants and the Redskins battling it out on the last game of the season for the wildcard spot. I hate the Eagles but I like Kevin Kolb, I think he will be good I just do not think it will be this year.

Speaking of the Eagles, DeSean Jackson speaking out about McNabb. I know he recanted his statement about how the Eagles "weren't missing anything," but we know what he meant. McNabb is a stud, and DeSean Jackson is pretty good as well, however this year Jackson will get to meet the double team... Lets see if his year is as productive. Hopefully that is a fall of the hater, and McNabb is the rise of the Redskins.

And Santana, we are with you HGH or not, come back this season and show us all you still have it.


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