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MUNDYNITEFOOTBALL-Twas Days Before the Draft...

Twas days before the redskins draft and all through the team
Everyone knew that this draft was not quite what it seemed.

Mcnabb has been signed and will start for the skins,
I cant wait for four months when the season begins.

We only won four games last year, what a shame,
were the players, the coaches or Dan Snyder to blame?

Hopefully this season is played with more heart,
while this writer still screams Marko Mitchell, let him start.

Mcnabb now yearns for T.O. but this writer wants more,
anything but the superbowl losers from '04.

T.O. is too old, Mcnabb may be too
but right now we have a lot invested in you.

Unless we draft Clausen or Bradford somehow falls,
in which case im going to Ashburn to punch Snyder in the balls.

We do not need a quarterback just give us a line,
we need a QB like Muslims need swine.

Lets draft that Okung, or Beluga would be nice,
but I fear in the draft that our team wont think twice.

We need so much now, with only four draft picks,
let just try to avoid a season of getting our ass kicked.

Santana, and Cooley, Fred Davis, and Portis
lets end each game smiling, singing in chorus.

Hail to the Redskins, Hail victory,
We have a new kicker who can hopefully kick for three

and not miss from the 23, to cost us the game,
we have parker, and LJ, and now ryan torrain.

Albert Haynesworth I want you, just stay true to our field,
break through those O-Lines abd keep those hot dogs concealed.

Cambell I love you, but its your time to go,
hell, you'll prolly do better on some other team so...

Fletcher, and Landry, Horton, and Orakpo
Play some good "D" and keep Haynesworth from the snacks so..

We can win and watch the team we love take off
Heres to number 5 in a burgundy and gold play off.


  1. The skins should trade Haynesworth for a John Deere tractor.

  2. I like that idea, I got to say that is one I have never heard before but it sort of fits.

  3. i think a ford tractor sounds better