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Redskins Reroute

The Redskins have finally begun making moves and for the first time since Dan Snyder took control of the reigns of the organization, fans are not too disappointed in what has been happening.
The addition of Artis Hicks should begin the reconstruction of a horrendous offensive line. Hopefully in the draft we can get Russel Okung and/or Bryan Beluga and solidify our mushy line. Maake Kemoeatu, a nose tackle from the Panthers, is still recovering from a torn Achilles tendon, but is supposed to be ready to play by the time training camp starts. The Redskins have also added Tight End Sean Ryan with hopes to give the skins the strongest tight end core in the league.
Larry Johnson, a running back from the Chiefs, has been the latest addition to the roster. He has not made much noise in the last couple years, but in this writers opinion he may be what Clinton Portis needs to step his game up, stop being a prima donna, and play with the ferocity he once did.
Finally, we get to the quarterback position. Keep Jason Cambell, keep Jason Cambell, and keep Jason Cambell. With the addition of Rex Grossman, fanss may begin to think that this is the same old Redskin move,however, he is a veteran quarterback that adds depth to the position and means we can go in to the draft looking for offensive linemen. So once again, keep Jason Cambell. Have his numbers been great, no, however he has gotten significantly better each year, more sure of himself in the pocket, and he takes one of the worst beatings in the lead behind one of the worst offensive lines in the league. After almost being gotten rid of last year numerous times with no success, and still he showed up to play Redskins football, Jason Cambell should be given a chance to show what he can do behind a good offensive line for once. If anything build the line around Cambell and if he still can not perform than let him loose, but for now, this writer says, let the man pay the game, he’s been beaten, chewed up and spit out trying to play


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