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Skins turnaround

It is no surprise that the Skins are doing as bad as they've been doing. After all it is a team that still retains its racist name, knows it and refuses to change it I guess for commercial and/or marketing reasons though neither exonerates its vulgarity. It is why I do and will refer to them as the Skins only.
LaVar Arrington a former Skin and in my opinion one of the best linebackers to ever play the game said it best, though I can't recall his exact words they were along the lines that the Skin's organization focuses more on the "flashy" things instead of winning football games. To me it's true because it seems as though the almighty dollar has taken away the pride of the game in the executive offices or very well with Dan Snyder himself which is sad to say since undoubtedly most of the players still retain it.
But whoever was in charge of the coaching staff set the Skins for failure the past two seasons. By experimenting or being radically spontaneous in getting a quarterback coach to become not the quarterback coach but "head coach" for the team. They did need a new coach but mind you they didn't get an assistant head coach as in an offensive or defensive coordinator but instead they got a quarterback coach who has only ever been a quarterback coach. Coach Zorn seemed to be more concerned about his pride but at the same time still trying to please the owner rather than winning games it's no wonder he seems to have lost both. Yet the decision was made and the mistake was made clear by two disastrous seasons so it's time to move on though for fans such as myself the memory has been deeply embedded.
Yet, the Skins problems went back further than an inexperienced coach. I mean in regards to the amount of player talent resulting in winning seasons. Coach Joe Gibbs had an eye for talent with acquisitions of Clinton Portis and Santana Moss and the drafting of Sean Taylor but that eye was blinded by pride when it came to the position he prided himself in most, which is arguably the most important position on the a team. Gibbs having brought in Mark Brunel who played petrified in the pocket which clearly showed and upon drafting Jason Campbell he treated him as if he never played in a game before always stating "he's not ready" which to has thrown his confidence which the most important attribute any athlete can possess. Though at one time the Skins had Sean Taylor,LaVar Arrington, Marcus Washington, Clinton Portis, Santana Moss, Chris Cooley, Chris Samuels and Jon Jansen all at the same time and with this squad went to the playoffs once.
Since, the Skins have been plagued by injuries and sorrowful losses and now only four of the previous mentioned remain. But other great players have been added as in pro-bowl linebacker London Fletcher though aging and of the most recent the drafting of promising defensive end turned outside linebacker Brian Orakpo. Though I believe Orakpo's impact would be far greater if he stayed at defensive end, but his stats did carry him to the pro-bowl his first year in the league.
So there is light at the end of the tunnel as multi-1,000 yard rusher Clinton Portis though injured for most of this past season now has ample time to recover and heal not only form this season but from the wear and tear of past season. Also there is a spark with the hiring of Mike Shanahan that not only fulfills the much needed head coaching position it also serves as a reunion of Shanahan and Portis as when both were in Denver Portis had his highest rushing yard seasons and the Broncos made the playoffs Portis's final year with them. So Portis and Shanahan can be described as being already in tuned. Mike Shanahan is an experienced head coach winning back to back Super Bowls in 1997 and 1998 with famed quarterback John Elway and a 2,000 yard season running back Terrell Davis. I say he could definitely restore Jason Campbell's confidence as well as the team's morale as a whole.
As the Skins do still possess Santana Moss one of the league's fastest players and top wide receiver's when his quarterback allows it and Chris Cooley who is perhaps the best "hands" tight end in the league next to Tony Gonzalez. They also have a defense that has always played exceptionally well despite their offense possessing most of its weapons.So I myself still look forward to a complete turnaround in their performance on the field in the future, I'll also look for a turnaround in the executive offices as well starting with a new team name.


  1. Oh get a grip, this is what is wrong with America. Political Correctness! I tell you, the Redskins is a great name because of the heritage it reminds us about. I love Indian American history and Love the name. It only hurts the feelings of those who allow that name to be evil, I guess its the "eye of the beholder". We can either keep racist views alive by political correctness or get past it by changing the paradime of the word!

  2. I have been a Redskin fan for 40 years and they have always had great respect for the american indian. I also respect Dan Snyder I know that he has made alot of mistakes but he loves that team and I think he is finally on the right path.

  3. I also have great respect for Native Americans. In fact, its one part of my family heritage, but I wouldn't consider the Washington Redskins or Florida St. Seminoles to be offensive (Eye of the beholder I guess). I think we can make similar claims to most mascots that aren't animals. What about the Cowboy stereotype of Texans, or the fighting Irish of Notre Dame?

    What about the perception of crime with Oakland and LA? Would the Raiders be offensive for those cities.

    What about the Steelers... I know Pittsburg's known as a blue collar city that is heavy on the Steel industry, but the city still have doctors, and other white collar professions. Could even the Steelers be offensive to someone?

    The point I'm trying to make is that almost anything could be seen as offensive to someone. It's only until we take offense that it becomes offensive. We try so hard as a society to remove racist roadblocks, but sometimes I think that we create even more of them in the process.

    I think a truly non-discriminatory world is one where we can approach such things without feeling offensive about them, as it is not intended to be seen as such in the first place.

  4. you are a douche

  5. you are a liberal tool

  6. I AM a Native Amercian, I feel no disrespect from the name of a football team. Whoever focuses on that in my opinion has way to much time on their hands and are way to insecure about their heritage. And to the author of this article....there is nothing racist about the name nor does the owners or fans see it as a degradation to a race. Get off your high horse and make a real difference in the world.

    \m/ HAIL THE REDSKINS!! \m/