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The New Orleans Saints marched onto Fed Ex field Sunday still hung over from their spectacular win over the New England Patriots last Monday night and immediately tripped over the Washington Redskins laying in wait. We can also add to this drama that the Saints are one of two still undefeated NFL teams and are predicted to go 16-0.

You had to see the game to believe what was happening—what happened, who were those guys in the burgundy who came out Sunday and punched the still drunk Saints in the mouth? Jason Campbell moved the offense down the field hitting his receivers, Cartwright ran right, ran left behind good blocking, it was amazing. Washington’s defense was nasty stuffing the run, blanketing the Saints receivers and totally frustrating Drew Brees. The Saints awoke from their stupor to make it a 17-17 game at halftime but against my better judgment I declared the Redskins victors in the third quarter and pondered how the Saints might rebound from a first loss. I guess it was the fact that the Skins were playing real team football and actually looked like a team that fooled me into believing they could win Sunday.

Ah, but when you’re very good luck will often follow and it followed the Saints to Landover. An untimely Jason Campbell pick stalled a drive that might have sealed the game in the third. What about that confounding Washington interception turned fumble tumbling into a Saints score—huh? No sweets for Suisham as he missed a chip shot that would have necessitated two New Orleans scores to win the game with time running out in regulation. Doom and gloom moved in quickly. Washington did not get any home cooking on the Seller’s fumble turning the ball over and giving New Orleans excellent field position.

In overtime the Saints looked like an undefeated team with multiple weapons gaining ground at will conflicted over winning the game via touchdown or field goal. They finally chose to win with a field goal and then danced back to Bourbon street undefeated string still intact. So far, so bad…I have only predicted one more win for Washington this season and I’ll stay with that forecast. I really believe the addition of Sherman Lewis and his play calling has added some zip to the Skins offense, for what it’s worth. Sunday’s barnburner on a cold winter day did expose the chink in Drew Brees’ armor. Teams capable of getting a descent pass rush through the Saints line can and will cause the talented QB to lose his cool, otherwise per his last name the New Orleans Brees’ through the rest of the season.

Jdon Howard


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