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Boy, they sure don’t make division rivalry’s like the used to in 1974, 79, or 83 with Sonny Jurgensen, Larry Brown, Mark Mosley Drew Pearson, Roger Staubach, Riggo off tackle—games you could watch a thousand times. The 2009 edition of the Cowboys and Redskins set the rivalry back nearly 50 years. I hardly know the guys on either team with the exception of a few beleaguered over hyped position players. One team cannot play the game of football at all and the other team played so bad they barely secured the win after it was handed to them. They play a lot of good football down in Texas so Sunday’s Cowboy’s-Redskins exhibition was enough to fly the lone star at half-mast. Neither team scored until the second quarter, and the entire third quarter nearly went by without a score. The fans deserve better entertainment.

I had breakfast with a Dallas fan a week ago not by design but it was an amiable setting. I sure did not have anything to brag about, so I said to my new acquaintance, “the Cowboys just got a big win”; they need to push for a good run to the play-offs. Surprisingly my companion did not share in my positive projection and after Sunday I can see why. Realistically against quality competition these guys are drug store Cowboys not the real deal like Troy, and Emmet et al. The Cowboys are 7-3 because they won a few games they should have won. (Note to the Redskins)

And the Redskins…how can you make it into the Red Zone once against a team that goes two quarters without scoring at home. Dallas had already mailed it in—accepted their fate, se la vie. Defensively we got the job done. The offense lost the game Sunday. Those guys in the secondary formerly known as the “The Stooges” got the memo, no more after school backyard long bombs, and stuck to Dallas receivers like gum on the sole of a shoe.

Sunday’s game would have been better as a scrimmage where starters play two quarters max you empty the bench and when the gun sounds the score doesn’t matter because it was only a simulated contest, miss a field goal, so what, it’s like practice. Fans don’t have to pay to watch a scrimmage.

Remember you heard it here first; Dallas will barely make the Wild Card Playoffs and will finish the year 9-7—lame. Washington will win one more football game probably against Dallas or Oakland and will finish in the basement 4-12. Washington’s running on fumes so there’s no fire in the belly. It is too late for key injuries, so you’re without your best weapons. If we have Clinton Portis on Sunday maybe we win the game 9-6. Another blow to the Redskins midsection--Laddell Betts is out with a sprained MCL. He might as well rehab for next year. This is not your dad’s NFL where one horse can take you all the way to the roundup and thus it is totally unfair to saddle Rock Cartwright with the load of carrying the offense. Unless New Orleans, New York or San Diego play the Skins with their feet tied together, expect one more “W” on the year.

Jdon Howard


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