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Redskins-Eagles the sequel opened with an on-side kick gaff, scooped up by Washington, first down Skins on the Philly 23.Washington has not scored a TD in 12 drives so maybe not a gaff so much. Cool shades on Zorn, Oakley’s? Four plays, Campbell fakes the hand off keeps it jogs in for the TD 7-0 Washington—wah? The Eagles mount an impressive drive but manage to make a mess out of that too mustering only 3 points, people boo, it’s Philly. The galloping ghost of the last Philly-Wash matchup Desean Jackson asserts himself catches a TD pass—wide open. But wait we stay in the game and score 14-10 Washington. Fox was a step slow on the coverage but I think they got a pep talk at the half. Washington trailed 14, to Philly’s 16. Again the Philadelphia story is “the best of times and the worst of times.”

Jason Campbell played some of the best football I’ve seen him play this year, maybe it’s more comfort with the play calling. But let’s face it; he’s booed at home, no fans on the road = no pressure. Yesterday he fully accepted the leadership role at quarterback and even though he missed on a couple of passes and threw two picks the statement was made win or lose I am the leader of the offense. Campbell’s performance yesterday could go a long way toward his future in the NFL. The defense gave up more real estate than usual Sunday. Washington had some more people out—Albert Haynesworth, absent, Laddell Betts, absent, Deangelo Hall, absent. Desean Jackson’s ghost galloped into London Fletcher’s territory in the second half—bam another player out with a concussion. Are shoulder pads being made out of titanium or Kevlar these days?

Philadelphia made the plays when they needed them getting the go ahead field goal with just under two minutes left. The last 1:48 of the game tested the mettle of the Redskins. The Redskins failed to mettle in four tries. 4th and 1 with the rush on Campbell holds it an instant too long debating flight or fright, or flight of the football…and the pass falls short, game over 27-24. Actually the pass fell and Jason Campbell got slammed into the turf face plant style. This probably should have been a penalty for roughing, a call you’re not going to get in Philly. When the games over and you’re still face down on the turf that’s keeping it real NFL 1978 Burt “Hurt Bones” Jones style. The Skins played pretty well on one leg with an arm tied behind the back, injuries, a lack of consistency and that oh so important play making factor keep them in the loser’s column.

Jdon Howard


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