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In the words of Casey Stengal, “you didn’t mind missing a play because you knew something bad was happening anyway”. Now facing an uphill deficit of 2 and 4 the woeful Redskins appear to find better ways to lose every week. Counting thirty-six years as a fan I cannot say when I’ve seen this Washington organization in such desperate straits. On paper the Skins have as much talent as any other burgundy and gold play-off team of the past. So what’s the problem? Let’s start at the top. Mr. Snyder your tower of wealth is not tall enough to repel stones thrown by the Redskin faithful. Snyder’s resume: All the money, all the wrong moves, marquee league talent that never produced and college prospects gone bust or had their talent wasted—Champ Bailey future hall of famer—hello! Perhaps Dan Snyder thought he could rub one of those Superbowl trophies and produce another championship team like—magic!
Forlorn Jim Zorn, a pretty good quarter back in the mysterious 70’s Seahawk green who threw touchdowns to Steve Largent. Those Seahawk teams were good but never good enough and I am afraid this legacy looms for Zorn in coaching. Who did Zorn coach under, and what system did he bring with him to Washington? Still the game is played on the field and the players have to play well. Here’s the thing, these guys don’t know how to win. The tradition of winning in Washington retired with Darrell Green. Under miserly sports legend Jack Kent Cooke they were never going to be the highest paid, and thanks in part to cheerleader/Coach George Allen the team forfeited drafting any top college prospects for years. Cooke knew sports and hired coaches and staff familiar with building competitive teams and upholding the Washington Redskins spirited tradition. The two go together otherwise no smurfs, no fun bunch, no hogs, no Riggo and no reason for the band to strike up “hail to the Redskins.”

Jdon Howard


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