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Eagles or Bust

A much anticipated game versus the Eagles turned out to be just as disappointing as the whole Redskins season. Clinton Portis throwing his helmet summed up the entire game. There is really nothing to explain: no offense, no defense, no special teams. A last ditch effort to salvage a season just turned into a horrible mess. I watched the highlights again, and it seems that if fumbles were touchdowns, the Skins would have won the game by 50 points.

Where does the team go from this losing season? If you look at the remaining schedule they might win one, at most two, more games if nothing changes. Either the Redskins need to start looking for a quarterback that fits the system perfectly and get a veteran coach; or just not show up for the rest of the season in hopes of getting a few good draft picks. For a professional football team to agonize over a single quarterback for five years is ridiculous. There are at least a hundred veterans - as well as college prospects - that could have a better chance. As far as Jim Zorn, it is unfortunate, but there are many good coaches eligible for a job. From the very beginning, he was not the right pick for a head coach. When a hall of fame coach like Joe Gibbs agrees to come back and sets up a perfect franchise, why change what worked? The Redskins need to finally realize that bringing in staff and players that are going to alter the entire team is never going to work. Provide someone that is going to adapt themselves to what is already there. The team is bruised and battered, and with a bye week coming up this is the perfect time to work on the 2010 season.

After this week's game to the Eagles, I almost do not even want to watch another Redskins game until something drastic happens. There is nothing to look forward to and the news from the team is stagnant. Even if Dan Snyder left his checkbook on the table as he has done in the past, nothing is going to revitalize this season. The Redskins future may be interesting and as a fan I am concerned about what is to come. Maybe someone will bring hope, until then I think I might focus on the start of the new basketball season.

-Chuck Brown


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