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Call me crazy but I’ve been anticipating this game all week. There is a fever, a fire, a furor, surrounding Washington Redskins Football. Fire rhymes pretty well with Snyder what with all the “Fire Dan Snyder” T’s prevalent around Nova. Jim Zorn AKA “Wally Cleaver” is still the coach. Jason Campbell is back at quarterback and the coach who probably missed his calling, calling bingo, Sherman Lewis relayed offensive plays from the booth.

The Redskins are reeling going into “Monday Night” but what of the Philadelphia Eagles after an embarrassing loss to the pathetic Oakland Raiders? Pre-game the focus is on QB Donovan Mcnabb and running back Brian Westbrook. Virginia native Michael Vick surrounded by a firestorm of controversy has produced little fanfare and no fireworks with his on field play.

Washington Kicks off, Philadelphia opens in their wildcat offense. The cats were off and running. Three runs and one pass for a first down the Eagles score on an end around Desean Jackson 67 yard touchdown run. Defenses get burned on the end around once in a while—in high school. Where was the end? Jackson’s td scamper will be up for further review in the film room this week.

Skins turn: Jason Campbell, three and out. Scary moment, Eagles Brian Westbrook’s helmet connects with LB London Fletcher’s knee. Brother Byron Westbrook of the Redskins stands by. Who knew? Brian Westbrook left the game with a concussion. Of note, Washington loses Chris Cooley—ankle, ouch!

The Eagles punt and Washington’s pinned inside the ten yard line. Noo! Here my worst fears are confirmed as a Campbell pass is batted down into the arms of an Eagles defender who skirts into the end zone, 14-0 Eagles. Jason Campbell was batted down bodily six times limping noticeably. 2nd quarter Campbell is stripped from behind—fumbles. Eagles convert on a 47 yard field goal 17-0. Stripped, the whole Redskins team is having their pants pulled down on Monday Night.

Yet another Skins possession, Cartwright and Clinton Portis find their stride for good gains. Hey we’re in the red zone. Jason Campbell converts on a touchdown pass, yea! 17-7 Philly over Washington.

The defense holds, Eagles punt but normally sure handed Randal El muffs the punt! Philly football. The Skins D gets nasty but the Eagles still manage a field goal, 20-7 Eagles. Two minute warning: Mcnabb hits a wide open Desean Jackson after Jacksons’s smooth inside outside move confounds the Washington secondary, 27-7 Eagles.

Washington musters a field goal and at the half it’s 27-10. Phew! That was grueling, I feel beat up. Here’s a scenario—what do you say in the locker room if you’re coach Cleaver—err—Zorn? “What did we do wrong in the first half guys—everything?” “What can we improve on in the second half—everything?”

I was with the Skins in spirit the second half but have to admit I muted the sound in favor of the iPod. My third quarter analysis—3 and out. Fourth quarter Washington’s offense is passing the ball in desperation—surprise. 8 minutes to go the Skins are on the Eagles 4 and…bad snap, Campbell fumbles? Likely, poor Jason Campbell will be sacked next week in favor of Todd Collins. Last Skins possession two minutes remaining and nearly anonymous Santana Moss catches a pass on the 3. 2nd and goal Fred Davis catches a touchdown pass from Campbell, 27-17 Eagles. Mercifully Donovan Mcnabb kneels down the requisite number of times, this game is over. Are the Redskins over?

This was some of the worst football I have seen outside of an old episode of Eight is Enough. The Bradford clan got trounced by a group of smug frat boys. Dick Van Patten played quarterback in the loss. Least impressive, the entire Washington Redskins football team. Most impressive, the fans who despite the gloom and doom dressed out in their finest Redskin’s regalia and whooped it up about something? Greatest emotional content, Clinton Portis tossing his helmet in disgust. Believe it or not it’s about to get ugly. Peruse the next five game slate if you dare.

Jdon Howard


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